About Us

Who we are

The Durham Mothers Club is a support network for moms in Durham, North Carolina and surrounding communities. 


The club was founded in 1988 with the motto of Friendship - Support - Education. We are proud to provide all three and more to our members and we hope you will benefit from our motto too!


Whether you are a new mother, new to the Triangle, or just looking for some fun activities, the DMC has plenty to offer you.


The DMC currently has about 350 fellow moms as members in and around Durham. 


Our members range from full-time-at-home moms to full-time career moms and everything in between.

What we provide

We provide a number of ways for Durham moms and their kids to connect and build community!


Here are just a few:


Friendship (and Fun)

  • Age-based playgroups for your kids

  • Monthly open playdates at fun, local spots

  • Mothers' Nights Out every month(!)

  • Book Club and Foodie Club so you can connect with other moms with similar interests

  • Service projects with local non-profits and charities

  • Seasonal Events like our annual Spring Picnic and Fall Festival



  • Online forum and closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and share information

  • Multiple opportunities to meet with local moms face-to-face



  • Preschool/Parents' Morning Out directory of local area child care programs

  • Annual Preschool/Parents' Morning Out Fair where you can meet representatives of these programs

  • Annual Kindergarten Forum where you will receive important information from stakeholders and parents who have recently gone through it

  • We are just starting quarterly educational events and hope to have some on babywearing, first aid, and other important topics!

How to join

Take advantage of all of our great members-only activities like age-matched playgroups, online discussions forum, and our coveted Preschool/Parents Morning Out Directory. 


Membership is just $13 per year.